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Marmaris holidays If you love holidaying in exotic locations that have many beautiful beaches to choose from and great entertainment without having to deal with the heavy price tags then the sunny resort of Marmaris is the perfect place for you!

Located on the southwest Mediterranean coast of Turkey, in an area known by many as the ‘Turquoise Coast’ due to the incredibly beautiful waters that appear turquoise in colour, Marmaris is conveniently located close to many attractions and with the easy to use transport system, you won‘t have any trouble navigating the resort and the surrounding areas!

Marmaris Weather

Marmaris weather If you‘re in search of a place that has baking hot summers and surprisingly warm winters then Marmaris could be just the place you‘re looking for! Boasting highs of above 40 Degrees Celsius in the heatwaves of the summer months and comfortably warm highs above 21 Degrees Celsius in the n ot-so-cold winter months, the lively resort of Marmaris is sure to keep you happy and coming back for more Marmaris weather year after year after year!

Marmaris holidays

Originally a small fishing village, Marmaris holidays has grown over recent years to be a very popular tourist destinations in Turkey, mainly thanks to the construction boom in the 1980‘s. However the resort is still developing today helping to keep it up to date and an attractive destination to the modern day tourist!

Due to Marmaris‘ main source of income being from tourism, you will find the locals extremely friendly and there is much to keep the resorts visitors happy including many excellent restaurants, cafes, bars and shops in and around Marmaris and with the great exchange rate outside of the Euro, you can feed the whole family for a more than reasonable price and pick up some great bargains in all of the shops! The hotels here are also surprisingly cheap and with superb money saving holiday deals from Sunmaster, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best deal possible and saving your money for the holiday itself!

Weather in Marmaris

The weather in Marmaris can be lovely if you are someone that loves hot weather.

Tanning In The Rain

Once you finally arrive in Marmaris, the one thing that you are sure to notice is the abundance of greenery and vegetation that covers the landscape from coast to coast! The beauty of it all is quite spectacular, especially the substantial pine forests that cover the mountainsides. However you would be right to assume that no greenery in existence can survive without a single drop of water, so you can expect a couple of rainy days each month. But the good news is that thanks to the sizzling sun giving you a beautiful summer heat to enjoy, when it does rain you can just concentrate on basking in the warmth and give thanks to the rain for keeping the beautiful landscape so luscious and full of life! But don't start packing your rain coat or umbrella anytime soon as it is unlikely to get torrential!

Safety In The Sun

To make sure that you and the family stay safe in the sun, don‘t let the odd bit of rain distract your attention away from the high temperatures and harsh UV rays coming your way! One obvious safety precaution that most of us take is making sure that we have a lot of high factor sun lotion to hand and plenty of sun block for the kids! This not only helps prevent the dreaded C word but also helps to stop that infamous ‘lobster look’ taking hold! Something that is not only itchy and irritating but can stop you from building a tan altogether (when it peels off!) As well as sun lotion, don‘t forget to bring some After-Sun lotion. This amazing stuff not only soothes your burns and helps prevent peeling if the worst should happen, but can help develop a better and long lasting tan when used properly. But no matter what you use, always make sure that you read the labels and if necessary consult a medical professional for any advice before getting out in the sun, especially if you have young children.

It‘s not just sun burn that we have to keep a close eye on, the sun has a tendency to make surfaces very hot indeed, mainly the sand and tiled flooring! So another great tip for helping to keep your comfort levels to a maximum is making sure that you always have a pair of flip-flops, sandals or other foot coverings to hand, to stop your poor feet getting scorched!

Stay Hydrated

Whether you are holidaying in the heatwaves of the summer time or the warm winters, it is very important that you take in a lot of fresh, clean water! Dehydration can happen quickly and can be very unpleasant not to mention dangerous! To help try and avoid this make sure you stock up on plenty of bottled water from the local store and always carry a supply around with you. Boosting your water levels will also help you feel better and more alert even if you already feel great!

Marmaris 2016

Marmaris 2016 is a great destination for everyone, especially families! Not only is it cheap but there is plenty to keep everyone entertained, such as the very popular Jeep Safaris where you can explore the moutains, boat trips where you will explore the shores and find hidden caves and beautiful islands. If you like nightlife, there is plenty of that here to! Most of the bars can be found on Bar Street and with some great clubs including the Crazy Daisy, which has a capacity of 1300 people, you are sure to find some great entertainment to keep you busy into the evening and early morning!

Thanks to the great location of Marmaris, the weather is fantastic all year round with temperatures usually staying over 20 Degrees Celsius even in the winter months! But be careful in the summer, as temperatures can sometime reach over 40 Degrees Celsius if a heat wave occurs!

No matter what your idea of a great holiday destination is, we are sure you will love what Marmaris has to offer!